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An interview with Monster Strike producer Koki Kimura, the godfather of Japanese mobile games
In terms of revenue, mobile games have recently eclipsed PC games for this first time, with Monster Strike leading the field. Koki Kimura, producer of the game, recently sat down for an interview at the Taipei Game Show to discuss his career, the success
3 weeks
AirSig Branches Out Into Gaming Industry
AirSig announced that it has received a US$2 million investment from Foxconn Technology Group, bringing the Group’s total investment to US$20 million. AirSig’s main product is Air Signature, a digital signing technology that enables both user identificati
1 month
Gamania Announces New Instant Messaging App “BeanGo!” in Taiwan
Gamania Group CEO Albert Liu announced a new mobile messaging app “BeanGo!” on Tuesday, November 22 in Taipei. BeanGo!, created by leading game operator Gamania Group, has additional features beyond the basics, according to their official app download pag
2 months
Taiwanese Gaming Firm XPEC Involved in Major Financial Scandal
The reputation of Taiwan’s gaming industry has hit bottom this year due to a single financial scam by the public gaming company XPEC Entertainment.
3 months
GUEST COLUMN-When VR is as harsh as reality for women
The proliferation of virtual reality gear exposes women to eerily lifelike sexual harassment of their online characters, VR expert Cori Shieh writes.
3 months
Competitive video game rage boosts business for Taiwan's MSI
As eSports grow in world popularity, sales of MSI's PCs are gaining with the trend.
4 months
In Taiwan, level up for popular but embattled e-gaming
This founder has set out to show that computerized games are not just entertainment. They can also build careers.
4 months
Kid begging for a smartphone? Try this instead
Taiwan-based JoyRay is selling a smartwatch for children ages 5 to 8 and it can make calls, send messages and tell strories.
5 months
Taiwan metro system offers augmented reality game
Kaohsiung's urban railway line is banking on the success of Pokemon Go to offer its own augmented reality game and enhance passenger experiences.
5 months
HTC Vive tops industry survey on virtual reality gear
The Taiwanese leads interest among game developers, but virtual reality as a whole faces concerns about pricing, lack of must-have apps and even causing nausea.
5 months
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba edges into virtual reality
The brain behind Alibaba's new mission is GnomeMagic Lab, which is working on ways to offer a simulated 3D environment to millions of shoppers.
6 months
HTC advances VR business by cutting it off from mothership
Moving Vive-branded virtual reality gear into an HTC subsidiary is seen a way to distance the booming VR business financially from the parent company and attract more investors.
7 months