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[Reprint] WeChat ecosystem to open in Malaysia as Tencent becomes world 5th largest company
Tencent has made a “breakthrough” in obtaining an electronics payment license in Malaysia that would allow local users link their bank accounts to WeChat Pay and make payments in ringgit, senior vice president S.Y. Lau told Reuters. Tencent applied for th
2 weeks
[Reprint] Forget QR codes, China’s next favorite payment method is your face
The launch of Apple’s new iPhone X equipped with tech that turns your face into a poop emoji seems to have left China’s consumers less than impressed. This shouldn’t surprise us—authentication through facial recognition and other biometric features has be
2 months
[Reprint] Report says India is about to overtake China's fintech
At more than twice the global average, China is currently the world leader in fintech service adoption, but current second-place India is expected to surpass its neighbor according to a report by EY (formerly Ernst & Young), a global accounting and consul
2 months
[Reprint] With new funding, Tiger Brokers paves path for Chinese to invest in overseas stock markets
While domestic stock market is still characterized by extreme volatility, an increasing number of Chinese investors flock to overseas capital markets in seek of more opportunities. As one of the startups that want to capitalize on this trend, Tiger Broker
2 months
[Reprint] Alipay vs WeChat: Challenges and strategies of two payment giants going global
Cash has taken hundreds of years to establish its status as a common medium for trade, but it is quickly turning obsolete across China. Replacing it, the ubiquitous QR code-based mobile payment solutions operated by internet giants like Alibaba and Tencen
3 months
[Reprint] The rise of China's cashless society: Mobile payment trends in 2017
After Alibaba declared the first week of August “Cashless Week” and WeChat answered by naming August 8th “Cashless Day” and this entire month “Cashless Month,” a new research was published to illustrate how mobile payments are becoming a part of Chinese
3 months
一鍵結帳!喬睿科技打造兼具使用爽度與安全性的線上支付工具 TapPay
5 months
French FinTech pioneer FIME: Safeguarding your payments everywhere
This year’s Future Commerce Expo for the first time ever saw organizer Business Next collaborate closely with the French Office Taipei. In the so-called French Pavilion, companies from France showed off their innovative products and services to great inte
6 months
Jason Hsu and Ellen Lee: Drafting a legal framework for the digital economy
In early March, KMT legislators Jason Hsu and Ellen Lee convened a public hearing in Taipei with representatives from government, industry, and academia. The meeting called for input on the “Basic Law for the Digital Economy” draft proposal, which aims to
8 months
With Apple Pay taking the lead, digital wallets are finally coming to Taiwan
Last year, Taiwan’s Financial Supervisory Commission began accepting applications by banks to implement mobile payments services. This year, Apple Pay will launch with seven banks. Samsung and Google’s competing services are expected to follow soon.
9 months
Regulatory Sandbox Act: Taiwan seeking to establish itself as a FinTech hub
In September 2016, accounting firm Deloitte published its annual FinTech evaluation report “Connecting Global FinTech: Hub Review.” The report evaluated financial hubs based on three indicators: the World Bank Doing Business Index, the Global Innovation I
10 months
Artificial intelligence will know you a lot better in 10 more years, senior scientist says
Unmanned technology, Siri-like data gathering and aggressive hiring of B2B experts will move AI forward, Google China founder Kai-Fu Lee tells a Taipei conference.
10 months