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[Reprint] 3 Ways AI And Deep Learning Is Now Changing The Education Industry
Can artificial intelligence help produce better students and enable educators to be more effective
1 month
Programmable PC tool from the UK gaining popularity in Asian schools
Micro:bit, once an educational project under the BBC, has gone independent and picked up followings among schools in Singapore and China as well as much of Europe.
1 year
Startup puts Taiwan back onto the Chinese character font design map
Justfont is selling specially designed character sets to computer users with strict controls against copyright theft.
1 year
This Taiwan startup is helping thousands fix programming bugs
The founder hatched Codementor after finding a dearth of good engineers for another company and fancying the idea of expertise on demand.
1 year
Acer founder pushes Taiwan to explore overlooked corner of growing IoT industry
Growth in the Internet of things may shift to industrial rather than consumer use, and Taiwan’s major companies are seeking to lead the trend.
2 years
Taiwanese startup VoiceTube won FbStart apps of the year!
Learning English through YouTube might turn studying into a fun activity. The Taiwanese start-up, VoiceTube, has attracted more than a million users to learn English with joy. It has been chosen as one of the “FbStart Apps of the Year” in 2016!
2 years