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4 Key Points to Consider When Scaling in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is not uniform but is a region with distinct user bases which imposes a challenge for tech companies who want to scale up.
Meet Trip to Malaysia: Navigating Through Cultural Diversity
In late July, Meet Startup has led early-stage startups in Taiwan to Selangor, Malaysia. The goal of this trip is to help the teams explore the emerging market in Malaysia and to connect them with overseas partners and resources.
These 10 Taiwanese Startups Show that R&D Can Lead to the Next Big Idea
During the Vision Program Taiwan Tech Startup Demo Day, 10 of Taiwan’s top up-and-coming startups showcased their products which all came about from research commercialisation.
Market Entry Bootcamp by Taiwan Startup Stadium, a Huge Success
More than 90 attendees interested in learning about Korea’s flourishing startup ecosystem gathered for Taiwan Startup Stadium’s first ever event in Korea, titled “Market Entry Bootcamp: Thriving in Korea’s Ecosystem.
Taiwan Startups, Led by III, Explores ASEAN Market at Startup Thailand
Thailand, as the second biggest economy in ASEAN, has been devoted to developing its entrepreneurship ecosystem. It aims to become a hub for startups in Southeastern Asia by organizing startup conferences and providing financial resources.
Communicating capital: Here’s what you need to know when announcing your funding news
It may seem trivial, but to reap the maximum benefits of your fundraising round, making a public announcement on it requires some strategy.
Meet Indiegogo's New CEO Andy Yang, Who Aims to Build a Global Crowdfunding Community Sustained by Trust
"I learned entrepreneurship first-hand and how hard people have to work, so being able to help entrepreneurs is really attractive to me."
Back from RISE HK, TSS is Linking Startup Ecosystem Scenes From 360° Perspective
During mid-July, TSS took five brilliant high-quality Taiwanese startup teams to RISE HK 2019! The week consisted of not only 3-days of exhibiting at the RISE conference but also various company visits to learn more about the Hong Kong startup ecosystem a
WeWork Announces Entry into Taiwan
WeWork enters Taiwan with new location in Taipei Xinyi District and introduces its global community and members’ network with distinctively-designed collaborative space into Taiwan.
Taiwan Launches Government-Backed Blockchain Alliance
Taiwan's National Development Council (NDC) announced the launch of Taiwan Blockchain Alliance — a platform that aims to "enhance the connection between the academia, the government, and the blockchain industry" Minister Chen Mei Ling stressed.
Germany-Based Merck, in Partnership with Terry Gou, Starts Incubating Biotech Startups in Taiwan
Founded in 1668 as a small pharmacy, Merck is a multinational pharmaceutical, chemical, and life sciences company. In 1989, it established a branch in Taiwan and now has around 600 employees across the island.
TSS Hits RISE in Hong Kong with Taiwan’s Ace Startup Teams Focusing on AI, FinTech, and Hardware
The line-up of teams for this event was selected from a pool of 50 earlier in April, during the 8th Rock the Mic pitch competition. They were evaluated based on various criteria, including market potential and demonstrable traction.