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[Reprint]:Podcast- Analyse Asia 191: The Taiwan Startup Stadium and ecosystem with Holly Harrington
Editor’s note: This originally appeared on Analyse Asia, a weekly podcast hosted by Bernard Leong, dedicated to dissecting the pulse of business, technology, and media in Asia. The podcast features guests from Asia’s vibrant tech community.
A family firm as FinTech leader? Olivia Wu on Shin Kong’s entry into the digital economy
One of Taiwan’s 15 leading finance companies, Shin Kong Financial Holding is now starting to turn heads thanks to its ambitious FinTech endeavors. Over a century old, the family-owned firm is actively seeking to grow its business by incorporating digital
A Moody’s for startups: rating platform Oddup obtains $6m in Series A round
Hong Kong-based startup Oddup on April 26 announced the successful closure of its Series A funding drive. Spearheaded by Brand Capital, investors pledged $6m for the rating platform’s expansion. Known as the Startup Rating System, the company aims to beco
Taiwan’s whiz-kid government minister plots to ease stress, costs for startups
Taiwan Digital Minister Audrey Tang, 36, will use her office to offer startups free resources, online expertise and deregulation helpful so they can afford to fail – then grow.
Taiwanese crowdfunding startup Dodoker: Doing good through blockchain
In a first for Taiwan, blockchain technology has been integrated into operations by an e- commerce company. The technology allows nonprofit crowdfunding platform Dodoker to render the use of its donations transparent.
AppWorks launches $100m fund targeted at Southeast Asian startups
Having successfully completed funding projects I and II, AppWorks announced its most recent investment endeavor. With an initial amount of $100m, AppWorks’ funding project III will be inaugurated in mid-2017.
Taiwanese online media startup The News Lens raises over $2m in Series B round
On March 23, bilingual news platform The News Lens announced that it has successfully raised more than $2m in their Series B round. The investment will power its planned expansion and diversification of content.
Facebook to Launch Startup Accelerator in Taiwan
Facebook’s accelerator program is set to launch in Taiwan, bringing the island-nation a step closer to becoming “Asia’s Silicon Valley.”
Graduating from 500 Startups, Rookie Fund is ready to take on East Asia
Asia's first campus-based venture capital fund, 500 Rookies, announced a name change on March 1, officially becoming Rookie Fund after gaining independence from parent company 500 Startups. Despite the name change, the fund will continue to be operated pr
Meet Holly Harrington, Taiwan Startup Stadium’s new general manager
Meet had the opportunity to sit down with Taiwan Startup Stadium’s new general manager Holly Harrington for an interview. Besides discussing the reshuffle of their team, Holly also shared insights on how startups can increase their chances of success, be
Friend or foe? Traditional companies and the startup predicament
Recent years have seen an ongoing hype over startup culture. Rightly celebrated for their inventiveness and risk-taking drive, international startups are bathing in the limelight. Traditional corporations, on the other hand, are often viewed as inflexible
Sigfox’s Christophe Fourtet talks IoT and cooperation with Taiwanese companies
Sigfox CSO and cofounder Christophe Fourtet recently came to Taiwan to talk about his vision for the internet of things (IoT). Attending the National Development Council’s “Visiting Entrepreneur” event series, Fourtet also discussed future cooperation wit