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[Reprint] E-commerce Giant JD Will Build Tens of Thousands Delivery Drone Landing Pods
China’s skies are about to get as busy as its streets. Chinese e-commerce platform JD has just won the first national pilot for unmanned areal vehicle (UAV) delivery logistics and will be allowed to build tens of thousands UAV landing platforms or drone p
1 month
[Reprint] Walmart, JD, IBM and Tsinghua University launch a blockchain food safety alliance in China
Walmart,, IBM, and Tsinghua University National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce Technologies announced on December 14 that they will work together in a blockchain food safety alliance that will kick off with a collaboration designed to enhanc
3 months
[Reprint] China's e-commerce giants are betting big on fresh food
After decades of stunning growth, there’s little space left in China’s highly consolidated e-commerce market. Fresh food e-commerce—one of the few less-tapped verticals to crack into this field—is, however, expected to become the next “whirlwind” driven b
7 months
Taiwan Startup Stadium welcomes Thai internet giant Pawoot Pongvitayapanu to speak at Visiting Entrepreneur Program
As part of the Visiting Entrepreneur program at Taipei Startup Stadium (TSS), members were invited recently to a special lecture from Pawoot Pongvitayapanu about opportunities to expand their businesses into Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.
8 months
BNext’s Visiting Entrepreneur Series: an interview with’s Pawoot Pongvitayapanu
E-commerce has quickly become one of the main benchmarks of economic development over the last decade. As the example of South East Asia – one of the fastest-growing e-commerce regions – shows, this index can reveal economic strengths amongst countries th
8 months
要讓台灣有理念的品牌被看見 若森MoshiMori全通路零售後台服務系統
9 months
要美、要時尚、要有態度!風格組裝錶Zu Watch
「自選、自組、自搭。」Zu Watch創辦人謝大宇:「我們的錶除了可以讓買家更隨心所欲地搭配出自己的個人風格,也可以減少『快時尚』所帶來的浪費。」
10 months
Artificial intelligence will know you a lot better in 10 more years, senior scientist says
Unmanned technology, Siri-like data gathering and aggressive hiring of B2B experts will move AI forward, Google China founder Kai-Fu Lee tells a Taipei conference.
1 year
Startup puts Taiwan back onto the Chinese character font design map
Justfont is selling specially designed character sets to computer users with strict controls against copyright theft.
1 year
FamilyMart Inks Agreements With 12 Mobile Payment Providers
FamilyMart, Taiwan’s second largest convenience store chain, has announced it has signed agreements with 12 mobile payment companies. The company expects the resulting mobile payments to replace about 20% of current cash payments.
1 year
Don't Hide, Stay Humble And Other Lessons From A Serial Entrepreneur
Jason Goldberg, now 44, left college early for the White House, started a firm that failed and just opened an online chat service. His advice when facing any odds: don't hide.
1 year
Taipei event speaker to broach the squeamish topic of startup failure – he should know
Jason Goldberg will tell the Meet Taipei conference about the epic rise and fall of, the e-commerce company he once led.
1 year