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[Reprint] China Unicom Launches eSIM, Allowing Full Use of Both Phones And Wearables
China Unicom announced that it has officially launched the “eSIM One Phone Number Dual Terminal ” (in Chinese) business in six Chinese cities including Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and Changsha.
2 weeks
Acer to launch first Windows-based VR headset for $299
Following a preliminary announcement last October regarding its plans to release Windows- based virtual reality (VR) headsets, Microsoft finally confirmed the launch of its first product. The headset will be available beginning at the end of March and man
1 year
Programmable PC tool from the UK gaining popularity in Asian schools
Micro:bit, once an educational project under the BBC, has gone independent and picked up followings among schools in Singapore and China as well as much of Europe.
1 year
Search for new ideas, new image sparked Apple to plan second China R&D center
A surge in software from China, a concentration of suppliers and a drop in iPhone market share motivated Apple to plan an R&D center in Shenzhen next year.
1 year
This made-in-Taiwan dongle can blast surround sound into your ears
A startup founder designed a USB stick-sized device that boosts sound through ordinary earphones and home speakers.
1 year
ASUS to start selling budget robots by year's end
The Taiwanese PC maker will first test the greater China market's interest in Zenbo, which can read, sing and help with home security.
1 year
American wearables firm enters Taiwan fitness market
Fitbit commands a quarter of the world wearable device market but is arriving relatively late in Taiwan.
1 year
Taiwan startup offers consumer technology to help diabetics
Health2Sync's founder, inspired by his grandmother, hopes his cable, app and cloud storage can help diabetics monitor blood sugar on their own.
1 year
Kid begging for a smartphone? Try this instead
Taiwan-based JoyRay is selling a smartwatch for children ages 5 to 8 and it can make calls, send messages and tell strories.
1 year
Acer will ship virtual reality headgear to IMAX cinemas
The Taiwanese PC maker's deal with IMAX precedes mass market production next year.
1 year
Taiwan team designs extra hefty unmanned aircraft
Aeroland founder Lee Wen-ching had long dreamed of flying. Now he is putting some of Taiwan's largest UAVs into the global marketplace.
1 year
HTC Vive tops industry survey on virtual reality gear
The Taiwanese leads interest among game developers, but virtual reality as a whole faces concerns about pricing, lack of must-have apps and even causing nausea.
1 year