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Digital Tool
Taiwan startup Numbers tackles fake news head-on with blockchain technology
It develops an app that captures the source of a photo and record it on BC.
2 months
Business chat tool Chatwork, after Tokyo IPO, looks to grow footprint in Taiwan and Asia
After Tokyo IPO, the Japanese company has more plans in Taiwan and Asia.
8 months
8 months
250英磅以下App自動退稅? Wevat 解決英國旅遊退稅問題、省錢又輕鬆
Wevat 於 2016 年成立於英國倫敦,是為遊客、學生等群體提供提供英國退稅服務的平臺,為用戶選擇最佳的退稅方式,有效節省成本。
9 months
10 months
Taiwan's Readmoo Unveils New Note-Taking E-Reader with Linfiny's Japan Team
MooInk Pro, co-developed with Linfiny, aims to provide high-quality reading experience for Traditional Chinese users in Taiwan.
10 months
Kdan Mobile Partners with Sourcenext to Enter Japan's Largest Mobile App Market
Kdan Mobile announced its partnership with Sourcenext , one of the biggest consumer software providers in Japan. As their first joint effort, the Android version of Kdan's flagship app, PDF Reader , will be published on App Pass by Softbank, a Japan-based
11 months
Meet Anna Stork: an Entrepreneur Who Created a Solar Lamp That Lights up the Night During Disasters
Stork’s company LuminAID has been innovating its founding technologies to create new applications and has dipped into the camping market.
1 year
歐洲最大的 IoT 加速器 IoT Valley 的營運長認為:保持專注、別做B2C生意、軟重於硬、確保足夠資金後盾、學會法語與掌握人脈資源是 IoT 新創走入法國市場的不二法門。
1 year
[2018 Meet Taipei] IoT工地安全帽、自行車事故探測器,原來國外有這些創業題材
2018 Meet Taipei創新創業嘉年華邀請來自23國、27座城市國外新創前來參展,一起認識以下5家國外新創的產品與服務。
1 year
為了解決骨科手術痛點,去年成立的台灣骨王生技開發出全球第一副頭戴式智慧手術眼鏡,透過VR、MR及3D成像技術,讓醫生可以在病人的身上看到正確的骨骼、組織成像,降低手術的複雜性,不用來回檢視頻幕畫面與 X 光資料。
1 year
Orange Demo Day Touts Apps for Food, Public WiFi, and Diabetes Management
A demo day supported by French telecom giant Orange brought together 14 startups with ambitions to expand internationally.
2 years