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Taipei’s Partnership with Fukuoka Setting the Stage for Startups
At this week’s annual Meet Taipei Startup Festival, dozens of startups, investors, accelerators, and government officials came together to promote entrepreneurship in Taiwan. One of the booths that generated the most interest at this year’s event was the
Startup Genome at Meet Taipei: How to build a better ecosystem for young entrepreneurs
For the first time, Taipei has joined the “Global Startup Ecosystem Report.” Presented by Startup Genome in collaboration with Business Next, the report based on specific criteria rates startup ecosystems in cities all over the world. Beginning in 2018, T
Dragon’s Chamber Taiwan: Turn Your Dream into Reality
This year’s Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2017 saw Business Next cooperating with three international organizations.
French Tech Taiwan celebrates its first anniversary at the Meet Startup Taipei Festival
“France is about innovation,” Benoît Guidee, Director of the French Office in Taipei, asserts in his opening remarks for La French Tech. The event marks the special relationship between the Meet Startup Festival and the French Office in Taipei.
Probiotic research company Bened Biomedical will represent Taiwan at 2018 Startup World Cup competition in San Francisco
Bened Biomedical, a Taiwan-based probiotic research company, has gained entry to the Startup World Cup international competition, beating eight other startups during the final regional competition at Meet Taipei Startup Festival. The startup company will
Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2017: Become part of the global startup ecosystem!
From November 16 to 18, the Meet Taipei Startup Festival will take place at the Taipei Expo Dome. Now in its fourth year, the event will see over 330 startups from 14 nations congregate in Taiwan’s capital for three days full of innovation, networking, an
[Reprint] Techstars Startup Weekend is coming to Shanghai and Suzhou—Are you ready?
Have an idea? Looking to start your own startup? Well, we have some good news for you. Techstars Global Startup Weekend is coming up soon with an opportunity for (would be) entrepreneurs to get inspiration, education, and guidance, as well as move on to t
[Reprint] Slush Panel: Connecting startup communities and ecosystems
Why do we attend so many business events and meet-ups? While the idea of a startup might be based on beginning a business online and hoping to see exponential growth by attracting millions of internet users to their product, we know that it’s human-to-hum
[Reprint] Jack Ma, Justin Trudeau, and selling your products to China
Editor’s note: This was contributed by Steve Yang, co-founder and Marketing Director for Grizzly Panda Media, a digital marketing agency helping foreign companies establish themselves in China.
[Reprint] We went to Alibaba's Computing Conference to check out the future of the Ali ecosystem
China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba not only wants to be the best e-commerce player in the market, but also wants to deepen its technological prowess.
Sir Christopher Pissarides:AI, FinTech, and national economic policies
Currently Regius Professor at the London School of Economics, Sir Christopher Pissarides is best known for winning the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2010. This honor came for his contributions to the theory of research frictions and macroeconomics. In his r
Taiwan Israel InnoTech Summit 2017: Interview with Zebra Medical Vision founder Eyal Gura
As the Taiwan Israel InnoTech Summit has shown, small countries can exhibit vibrant startup cultures. In the Middle East, Israel has established itself as a hub of innovation in a vast array of fields.